What People Say About Us


"eBuyersReviewed is a great tool - helping me save money at the end of the month."

- Jeremy B., eBay Seller

"So happy to finally be able to report bad buyers to someone that cares and is doing something about buyer fraud.  Awesome service - thanks for looking out for sellers."

- Fred S., Amazon Seller

"Our company now has a more complete profile of our customers and can better handle customer service issues.  I have been waiting for such a service for years"

- Carla M., eCrater Seller

"eBuyersReviewed is without a doubt the best thing ever, before I found them I'd been looking around for ages for a way to protect my ecommerce store."

- Amanda S., eBay Seller

"Due to your company sending a notification to my customer, we were able to resolve the issue we had with him. Thank you!!! This is why your site is so important to merchants. Thanks again!!!!!!"

- Sara C., Online Seller

"I was really happy putting in my reviews of buyers anonymously. It’s nice to be able to use a website that helps you with your selling business."

- Scott M., eBay Seller

"The buyer was trying to get an extra discount on something he had already received and threatened leaving negative feedback. I told him that I will also leave him negative feedback on eBuyersReviewed."

- Amy B., Online Seller

"The customer wanted to cancel his order after I had already shipped it. I immediately reviewed him on eBuyersReviewed as a bad buyer and had a notification sent to him."

- Sonya T., Online Seller

"I specifically like the zip code alert feature, which helped me with a sale just recently. The system alerted me on a buyer living in a high-risk area, so I called her to see which delivery option would be best."

- Tim K., Online Seller