How to integrate the iFrame?

STEP 1  Log in eBuyersReviewed and click on the API settings section (Figure 1).

Figure 1


STEP 2  Click on the Re-generate API Key button in case you need another API key. The API key is required for authentication (Figure 2).

Figure 2


We recommend testing the API by using the code from the “Test API key” row. The test mode allows unlimited test reviewing and screening, without using your screening credits. To switch from test to live mode, you need to use the iframe code  from the “Production API key” row. This will enable the real time reviewing and screening features of the tool. 

STEP 3  Click on the Get iframe code button to copy the code (Figure 3). Paste it at the bottom of your order details page's HTML source code. 

Figure 3


This code will build the two forms in your web site page (Figure 4):


Figure 4



STEP 4  (Optional)

If you want to have the fields filled out automatically when opening the order page, you will need to link your order details with the iFrame fields by substituting brackets and text inside with your current code used for this purpose:

1. You need to copy the iframe code (which includes sample data in the name, email and other fields) and paste it at the bottom of your order details page's HTML source code.

2. The next step is to substitute the iframe code sample fields data [ADD_NAME_HERE] with the data that represents the same fields in your order details page's HTML code.

3. Find your order details in your order details page's HTML code and copy the data that represents the buyer’s name.

4. The next step is to substitute [ADD_FULL_NAME_HERE] (the brackets and the sample data inside) with the data that represents the buyer’s name in your order details page's HTML code.
Example: Susbtitute [ADD_FULL_NAME_HERE] with [FIRST_NAME] [LAST_NAME] (keep in mind that your data that represents the same field may be different).

5. You need to do the same for the rest of the Review and Screen API fields that you have in your order page's HTML source code: [ADD_EMAIL_HERE], [ADD_PHONE_HERE], [ADD_PHONE_HERE], [ADD_COURIER_HERE], [ADD_TRACKING_NUMBER_HERE], [ADD_FULL_ADDRESS_HERE], [ADD_COUNTRY_HERE], [ADD_PRODUCT_CATEGORY_HERE].


To use either one or both integration methods, you need to have registered with Click here to sign up. 

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