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Welcome to eBuyersreviewed.com.  Our goal is simple - to achieve symmetry of accountability and transparency between buyers and sellers.  We offer sellers the opportunity to review their buyers and screen new buyers by reading previously submitted reviews.  We believe that when it comes to risk, not all customers are equal. "Good buyers" offer retailers confidence and opportunities for promotions and cross-selling. "Bad buyers," on the other hand, can unjustly harm and even destroy a small business. eBuyersReviewed enables you to make intelligent decisions when dealing with new buyers and limits your exposure to risky or fraudulent ones.  If your seller rating has been wrongfully damaged, or if you incur financial losses caused by irresponsible or fraudulent buyers, we are here to help you.  

As we continue to grow in popularity in the online seller community, we ask you to join us to make online retailing a fair, enjoyable and rewarding experience. 


Allen Botz
Founder & CEO



What Our Clients Say About Us
  • "eBuyersReviewed is a great tool - helping me save money at the end of the month."

    Jeremy B., eBay Seller

  • "So happy to finally be able to report bad buyers to someone that cares and is doing something about buyer fraud.  Awesome service - thanks for looking out for sellers."

    Fred S., Amazon Seller

  • "Our company now has a more complete profile of our customers and can better handle customer service issues.  I have been waiting for such a service for years"

    Carla M., eCrater Seller

  • "Due to your company sending a notification to my customer, we were able to resolve the issue we had with him. Thank you!!! This is why your site is so important to merchants. Thanks again!!!!!!"

    Sara C., Online Seller

  • "eBuyersReviewed is without a doubt the best thing ever, before I found them I'd been looking around for ages for a way to protect my ecommerce store."

    Amanda S., eBay Seller

  • "The buyer was trying to get an extra discount on something he had already received and threatened leaving negative feedback. I told him that I will also leave him negative feedback on eBuyersReviewed."

    Amy B., Online Seller

  • "eBuyersReviewed is a tool our company cannot live without.  Screening buyers has become an essential part of our order processing.  Arguably one of the best seller tools to come out in the past 10 years."

    Wendy D., eBay Seller

  • "I was really happy putting in my reviews of buyers anonymously. It’s nice to be able to use a website that helps you with your selling business."

    Scott M., eBay Seller

  • "The customer wanted to cancel his order after I had already shipped it. I immediately reviewed him on eBuyersReviewed as a bad buyer and had a notification sent to him."

    Sonya T., Online Seller

  • "I specifically like the zip code alert feature, which helped me with a sale just recently. The system alerted me on a buyer living in a high-risk area, so I called her to see which delivery option would be best."

    Tim K., Online Seller