How can sellers benefit from eBuyersReviewed?

E-commerce often makes it a little too easy for good people to behave badly.  When those people are your customers, the consequences can be excruciating and expensive. Online retailers live in justifiable fear that a couple of complaints, false reviews or fraudulent payment disputes going viral could irreparably damage their business.  Our objective here is to create symmetry of accountability and transparency between parties.  We offer online sellers an equal opportunity to review their buyers, the same way buyers review sellers, and to share those reviews among each other.  The ultimate goal is to enable businesses to protect themselves.  Reporting buyers on is a powerful tool for creating a sense of accountability among buyers as well as helping sellers improve their bottom line.

How does eBuyersReviewed work?

We offer members (membership is FREE) an opportunity to submit reviews on their buyers, as well as read reviews submitted by other sellers.  Reviewers assign a risk level to their reviewed buyers on a scale of 1 to 5.  A tracking number is required for each review as proof of delivery.  Tracking numbers are internally checked for authenticity.  A seller can review a buyer and edit his/her review only once.  

Should I be concerned about voicing my opinion on my buyers?

The right of verbal expression of thoughts and opinions before a voluntary audience is stated in the First Amendment to the Constitution and is protected by the law.   "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." -First Amendment to the Constitution. 

However, using false information, foul language or threats, which may harm an individual or an institution can be used against you in the court of law.  

Is it OK to include the buyer's name and address in a review?

The information required for a review, such as the buyer's name and address, is considered a public domain and is generally available in various public records, white pages, etc.   We would never ask for private information such as a Social Security Number, Credit Card Data, Passport ID Number, Driver License Number, Date of Birth.

Is eBuyersReviewed free?

Our Basic membership is absolutely free of charge.  However, the more popular Premium membership and Corporate membership, offering advanced features for frequent users, are available on a paid membership basis.

Why should I review my buyers on eBuyersReviewed?

Submitting reports on "bad" buyers helps other sellers by giving them a warning when dealing with these buyers.  It also makes buyers more self-conscious and encourages them to think twice before behaving badly.  Buyers who have received a positive review from their seller are also likely to do the same in return.

Can I remain anonymous when submitting a review?

Before submitting a review, you can choose not to have your name shown on the review, and not to be contacted by other members.  Alternatively, you can have your first name and last name initial displayed and allow other members to contact you.  Your e-mail, however, always remains private.

What do I do when I see that my buyer has been reported as a risky buyer?

Risky buyers are not necessarily bad buyers. They could be people whose doorman or mailman misplaced a packages, or who could not find the sizing chart on your site and ended up ordering the wrong size.  Try to assess the cause of a problem before jumping into conclusions.  Try to address a problem, not lose a sale.  Sending an email to the buyer prompting her to confirm her measurements may help you to avoid a costly item exchange.  Reminding your buyer to expect a delivery on a certain day may prompt the buyer to work with the local postal office and speed up the delivery process. 

How credible are the reviews on eBuyersReviewed?

Reviews are shown as submitted by sellers.  Each review has a shipping tracking number as proof of service to the reviewed buyer.  Reviews with invalid or misleading tracking numbers are removed by our internal audit team. 

How are buyers’ ratings calculated?

Each reviewed buyer is rated by the person submitting the review on a risk scale of 1 to 5 (marked with red flags) with 5 indicating highest risk and 1 lowest.  If there is more than one review shown for a buyer, a summary review page would display the risk average of all submitted reviews. The summary review also highlights the main areas of concern and suggests steps for dealing with them.  We recommend that you read in detail both the summary and the individual review before developing a plan of action.