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Notify your buyers of your reviews!  3 out of 5 buyers when notified of a bad review tend to be more cooperative in resolving an issue.


Buyer Ratings

We offer complete buyer profiles including both negative and positive reviews submitted by real sellers, on real transactions with deliveries verified by tracking numbers.


Zip Code Alert

This feature notifies you of high risk shipping destinations, so you can better service your customers. Remember, not all postal codes are equal!


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Integrate our easy-to-use API into your selling platform to immediately benefit from our online seller risk management system. Thousands of sellers have already done so.

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Protect Your Business from Abusive Buyers

Bad buyers beware!  eBuyersReviewed is the world's best place to screen and review online buyers.  Here you can report a bad buyer who: made unreasonable demands, gave unfair feedback, misused returns, refused a delivery, disputed charges, or just made your head spin.  When you report a bad buyer, make sure you explain your case in detail, so other sellers can learn from your experience.  After you report a bad buyer, or give a good buyer a positive review, you may select that our system notify them of your review. This makes your review even more powerful.   Sellers report bad buyers because they believe they have been treated unfairly, often neglected by third parties such as eBay, Amazon, etc., and want to voice themselves.  They also want bad buyers to be held accountable for their actions by bringing publicity to their experiences.  Sellers who report a bad buyer with us, and ask us to notify the bad buyer of their report, are able to resolve an issue with that bad buyer more successfully than sellers who report a bad buyer without notification.  Notifications by email are free to all members! Membership is also free! Join our large pool of sellers to lower your risk selling online and improve your financial performance.

Online Sellers

Our Goal is Simple

To achieve a symmetry of accountability and transparency between buyers and sellers. We offer sellers the opportunity to review their buyers and screen new buyers by reading previously submitted reviews. We believe that when it comes to risk, not all buyers are equal. "Good buyers" offer retailers confidence and opportunities for promotions and cross-selling. "Bad buyers," on the other hand, can unjustly harm and even destroy a small business.

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  • Protect Your Business

    Protect your business from bad buyers who have made unreasonable demands, given unfair feedback, misused returns, refused delivery, disputed charges, or just made a seller's head spin.

  • Reduce Expenses

    Retailers, whether selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc., or on their own sites reduce expenses related to problem buyers by 30-50% using our website.

  • Voice Your Opinion

    82% of eBay sellers feel that they should be able to give their buyers negative feedback, just like their buyers can do for them. Your opinion matters! We will make sure the world hears it.

  • Learn From Others

    Whether in the US or abroad your buyer is likely to have been dealt with and reviewed by another seller on eBR. Learn from the experience of others. It pays!

  • Sample Review
    Buyer review

    May 21, 2015

    Justin Loyola
    100 Main St.
    Jersey City, NJ 07077
    United States
    tel. +1 (XXX) XXX-2341

    Risk Level

    Justin Loyola is considered to be a medium-to-high risk buyer. The buyer has been reported for having misused returns.
    Avoid this buyer at all cost! He got refunded and never returned the items.

    I shipped 2 bedding sets to Justin Loyola for his order from amazon. Now he says he doesn't need them. He's refunded but he has to send them back to an address in USA. He's not replying me for this matter. He's a scammer.

    By: B. Han

  • Sample Review
    Buyer review

    May 21, 2015

    Agnes Buhagiar
    6286 Wendham Ct
    Reynoldsburg OH 43068
    United States
    tel. +1 (XXX) XXX-8326

    Risk Level

    Agnes Buhagiar is considered to be a low risk buyer.
    Excellent buyer! No problems whatsoever!

    The buyer purchased an iPhone from my online store. Everything went very smoothly and I had no issues with this buyer. Way to go Agnes!

    By: J. Lee

  • Sample Notification

    Buyer notification
    You can run, but you can't hide

    June 3, 2015

    Jane Smith
    100 Main St.
    Jersey City, NJ 07077
    United States

    RE: BUYER RATING NOTIFICATION; Reference Number: 1000015912

    Dear Jane,

    This letter is to inform you that you have been reported to eBuyersReviewed as a HIGH-RISK buyer. This rating was based on a seller's review stating that you have allegedly misused returns and acted wrongfully as a buyer. Such reviews impact your overall buyer rating and may result in:

    • your removal from special promotions and offers lists of some retailers
    • your becoming ineligible for certain benefits or even refusal of services by online sellers
    • limiting your credentials in participating in online auctions

    You have until July 3, 2015 to resolve this matter. After this date, the report will be automatically released to online retailers and its removal will be arduous. For more information about this review or to learn more about our services, you may visit


    Melissa Blau
    eBuyersReviewed Team

  • Sample Notification

    Buyer notification
    When the good gets even better

    Sep. 10, 2015

    Mark Davis
    335 Park Ave.
    New York City, NY 10154
    United States

    RE: BUYER RATING NOTIFICATION; Reference Number: 10000279253

    Dear Mark,

    Congratulations! You have been rated at as a LOW-RISK buyer. This rating was based on a review submitted by A. Bell stating that, you have been an excellent online buyer. Such reviews make a positive impact on your overall score with us and can help you:

    • receive better deals from online retailers
    • become eligible for special promotions
    • boost your credentials in online auctions

    For more information about your review or to learn more about our services, you may visit


    Melissa Blau
    eBuyersReviewed Team

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  • Buy for less  - more than 60% of sellers are willing to give additional discounts to “headache free“ buyers.  If you are such a buyer with a stellar rating at eBR,  show sellers your record and ask for a better price. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

  • Get an edge in auctions  - auctioneers prefer buyers who have good track records and who are more likely to complete a transaction successfully after winning an auction.  Price often comes second in importance!  If your buyer rating at eBR  is excellent,  make sure the seller knows that, so you can increase your chances of winning an auction.

  • Clean up your record  - find out if somehow you failed to perform as well as you could, and if as a result your buyer rating has been hurt.  Our research shows that almost 90% of sellers would remove or alter a rating they gave their buyer if the buyer is willing to cooperate.   
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